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RedShift 1W Damper Revalve Service (for all STREET and COMPETITION shocks)

RedShift 1W Damper Revalve Service (for all STREET and COMPETITION shocks)

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Revalve service for all RedShift and BC Racing shocks to be revalved/rebuilt to our STREET or COMP1W specification.

We can rebuild and/or revalve your RedShift or BC Racing shocks. This service includes new o-rings, new shims, new Amsoil "Shock Therapy" Race fluid, and dyno confirmation (we send you the graphs).

Please note that we cannot change the seal heads, shaft seal, or shaft guides because we cannot purchase those parts separately from BC.  If your shocks are old enough to require changing these parts (usually 2+ years old), then please purchase the "RedShift Replacement Damper" item listed here:  Redshift-1W-Replacement-Damper .

Feel free to opt for this "Revalve" service to start.  If the shocks require new seals heads/guides/seals, we will inform you and you can simple upgrade to the above replacement damper for the additional $50 per shock.

Turn around time: 1 week.  We know your car will be down; so we guarantee your shocks will be shipped back to you within 1 week of receiving them.

Important: When sending shocks to us, please remove all mounts and springs before shipping. Also please wipe down shocks before shipping. Any shocks received with mounts still attached and/or in shocks received in excessively dirty condition will incur an additional disassembly and/or cleaning fee.

Shipping your shocks to us: Once your order is placed, we will contact you with shipping instructions to our shop in Pennsylvania.  Please include a printout of your order in the box when shipping your shocks to us.  The cost to ship your shocks to us is your responsibility.  We cover the return shipping to you via Ground service.

Warranty: This service carries no warranty because we cannot control all aspects of rebuilding used dampers. However, if the shocks we are rebuilding/revalving were originally purchased from us, then the original warranty remains active. All RedShift coilovers and products are for off-road use only and may never be installed on vehicles that will be driven on public roads or highways.

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