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RedShift 1W Replacement Damper

RedShift 1W Replacement Damper

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RedShift 1W Replacement Dampers - built to our STREET CUSTOM or COMPETITION 1W specification.

If you already have RedShift or BC Racing coilovers, then order this item to replace the dampers in that coilover kit with brand new custom valved STREET CUSTOM or COMPETITION 1W dampers just like what we use in our RedShift Coilovers. This item includes 1 damper; so if you need all 4 on the car, then order 4.

When ordering, please indicate car application and intended use (street, race, class, etc) in the comment box at checkout.  We will reach out to you to understand your intended use for the shocks before building them for you.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Warranty: All RedShift coilovers and products are for off-road use only and may never be installed on vehicles that will be driven on public roads or highways. All RedShift Coilovers and Parts are covered by our manufacturer's warranty that extends for 2 years from the date the customer receives the item.  This warranty is only available to the original purchaser.

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