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RedShift BC Competition Coilovers (C-SPEC), 2010-16 Chevrolet Cruze 1.8

RedShift BC Competition Coilovers (C-SPEC), 2010-16 Chevrolet Cruze 1.8

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RedShift BC Competition Coilovers (C-SPEC), 2010-16 Chevrolet Cruze 1.8

These are "spec" coilovers for SCCA's C-SPEC Class.  RedShift BC Competition Coilovers are serialized and sealed with tamper-proof seals (meaning the dampers cannot be opened and modified).  This ensures all competitors are running the same damper and coilover specification.

Features included:

** Front camber plates (requires drilling 3 mounting holes in the strut towers on this application)
** 1.0 kg/mm (56 lb/in) helper springs
** Adjustable damper body length
** Monotube damper design
** 30 clicks of adjustment

Any part of the kit may be purchased separately and received within a few weeks.  All dampers are rebuildable by RedShift Motorsports, and turn around is approximately 1 week.  Replacement dampers are also available at a reasonable cost.

Spring Rates:

The max spring rate legal for any car in C-SPEC is 600 lb/in front and 800 lb/in rear.  Our coilovers come by default with metric (kg/mm) springs; so the closest we can get to the max legal rates with our base kit is 10k kg/mm (560 lb/in) front and 14k kg/mm (784 lb/in) rear.  

Our spring rate recommendation for the C-SPEC 2010-16 Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 is as follows (but you may run anything up to 600/800 legally in C-SPEC):

** With default RedShift BC springs: 10F/10R (equivalent to 560F/560R)
** With upgrade Hyperco springs: 600F/600R ($320 upgrade cost)

Optional inverted rear damper:

Our base kit for the 2010-16 Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 places the rear damper adjuster high up inside the rear inner fender where it requires lifting the rear of the car (like with a jack) to make rear damper adjustments.  This is very inconvenient; so we offer a legal option that inverts the rear dampers and locates the adjuster at the bottom of the damper.  This means you can access the adjuster by simply reaching behind the rear wheels when the car is on the ground.  This option is available both at the time of initial build or at any time in the future for $300 by purchasing that option item at this link:

Purchasing this item in the future (after initial build) will require sending your rear dampers back to RedShift for some custom machining and re-assembly (this is not a DIY option).


This product is intended for racing use and comes with no warranty.  Product defect issues will be resolved at the discretion of RedShift Motorsports.

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